Bridging the gap between buyer and supplier 

Established in January 2011, JW Trailers has a very different approach to the selling of trucks and trailers than you are used to, we work with you, to achieve the best price for your equipment. 

With extensive experience in the used trailer market, JW Trailers know where to get the best price for your equipment. If you are thinking of trading in your equipment when buying new, you are not necessarily getting the most for you trailers or getting the best price for your new trailers. Trading in and selling to the dealer’s means one thing, they re-sell your trailers for a profit. Why not retain all of this money that is in your equipment for yourself?

JW Trailers offers all the usual dealer facilities, and can of course offer you an outright purchase price for your trucks or trailers, but we stand out by offering the service of selling your trucks and trailers for you and with you.

JW Trailers sell not only into the UK, but across mainland Europe, the Far East, Africa, and Russia. We have customers waiting for all types of equipment. 

What is the catch? What does it cost? There is no catch, you remain in control of your equipment and there is no cost to you. You decide to sell to JW Trailers when you are happy with the offer we make you for your equipment, no obligation, no risk. 

Why not give us a try and we will show you that JW Trailers do it right, and do it right for you.

If you are looking to buy or sell, you have nothing to lose and more profit to gain

Now you do have an alternative

Office: 01978 806262 Fax: 0845 458 0070

Paul Jackson: 07772 566062